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Tony Hawk Hodling Bitcoin and will Speak at SF Bitcoin Conference

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Tony Hawk Bitcoin March 2020 american skateboarder conference san francisco

Tony Hawk an American pro skateboarder, who is also an entrepreneur prepares to speak at Bitcoin 2020 Conference at San Francisco in March 2020.

Hawk has been HODLing BTC for at least 5 years

Hawk has given hints about his exposure to Bitcoin.

Earlier this year, Tony Hawk stated that he had owned BTC since at least 2013 in a Twitter post.

“Been riding it for 6 years. Haven’t bailed yet”

Hawk confirmed previous statements he made about being a Bitcoin investor. Moreover, the American pro skateboarder and entrepreneur recently announced on a tweet that he received an invitation to speak in March next year’s Bitcoin 2020 conference in San Francisco, California.

“Looking forward to it! I’ve been riding the Bitcoin transitions for over 5 years now. Which reminds me… should I bring my ramp?”