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TKNT Successfully Launched Multi Financial Platform ChainBank

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DeFi Financial Total Solution TKN Token (hereinafter referred to as TKNT) has launched a financial product through the multi-financial platform Chain Bank.

Chainbank is a multi-financial platform invested by IGNIS VC, a blockchain-specialized venture capitalist, and is an all-in-one platform in which all functions such as virtual asset wallet, swap, and financial products are operated on one platform. In particular, it is possible to transfer money easily and quickly with only a mobile phone number, and the innovative transaction processing speed of ‘0.7 seconds’ between users has attracted attention from the industry.

It is no surprise that DeFi will revolutionize the financial industry. From the 26th, Chainbank added TKNT general and regular payment services. The TKNT deposit has the advantage of being able to withdraw freely at any time and provides an annual interest rate of 7.01%. In addition, the period of TKNT 1st period, which is currently being recruited, is from October 31 to November 14, 2020, and the principal cannot be withdrawn during the period, and an annual interest rate of 10.9% is provided. Participation may be closed on a first-come, first-served basis even before the start date.

An official member of Chainbank said, “I am very pleased to introduce TKNT, which has been highlighted by aggressive global marketing and explosive increase in a short period of time, and user acquisition among new coins into the Chainbank ecosystem.” “TKNT users through general savings and regular payment We hope that people will be able to obtain stable additional revenue.

TKNT is an ERC-20-based utility token that will be used to operate a decentralized wallet service that provides Defi-based staking, deposit savings, and loan services, and has a unique Bet-Mining structure that can be mined fixedly through platform games. After the first listing on the domestic Foblgate Exchange, it recorded an increase rate of up to 40,000% until it reached BKEX Global, the global top transaction. Currently, it is promoting the expansion of practical use areas such as gaming Dapps, participation in financial products within the TKNT platform, and payment at Shopy Mall.

On the other hand, TKNT is about to open Defi Wallet & Staking service recently, and has announced an additional listing on global major exchanges.

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