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Swiss Crypto Valley: Expanding blockchain in Zurich

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Swiss Crypto Valley: Expanding blockchain in Zurich Zug Switzerland Crypto valley tax shells tech companies bitcoin Zurich

Crypto Valley in Switzerland is centered on Zug. They are famous for keeping oil trader Marc Rich in 1980. They also gave a home to tax shells in 1990 and tech companies in the age of bitcoin.

According to reports, If the new partnership between Zug’s crypto lobbyists and Zurich’s tourism czars happens, Crypto Valley will have a big possibility to expand northwards. Zug is just a 30-minute drive from Zurich.

Blockchain Adoption

This massive blockchain adoption is also because of Crypto Valley Association or CVA. They have an advance growth of the Countries Crypto World.

CVA, an association of fintech start up’s and individuals have influenced Swiss Regulators for years and making 14 different draft laws.

Alexander Schell, CVA Executive Director said:

“We’re not just waiting for things to happen. We’re actively involved in proposing regulation.”

To expand more blockchain adoption, CVA has tied up with Zurich Tourism. This is also to give blockchain knowledge, tourism, and business to the city. They also have a signed memorandum of understanding “to grow the Swiss blockchain ecosystem”

One of Tourism’s focus is to invite cyber newcomers and have internationally minded conferences and events.

“We’re trying to establish an ecosystem of law firms, banks, startups. Other players who might be interested in this space,” Schell said. “We can make the best circumstances for them and the best prerequisites for businesses to be successful.”

Vanessa Reis, Zurich Tourism’s Relationship Manager said that they are positive on the partnership and by facilitating more events and conferences to target international audiences. This will also bring more interest to the current businesses and individuals of the city to explore more about blockchain.

“From our side, we can support CVA in sponsorship, in event planning, searching and attracting international guests, because this is where we have the network.”

Richest City

Zurich City is the largest city in Switzerland and home to many of the world’s banking giants. The City is also named one of the richest and cleanest cities in the world. People here are tech-savvy and have around 150 blockchain- relation companies.

Swiss financial capital as well as home to many of the world’s banking giants, people in Zurich are mostly in traditional finance. Famous choice for tourists as the city offers a lot to see and do. They are also good at events, parades, and parties with international comers. This is why Zurich Tourism said they have that network so it is easier for them to hold events for blockchain and get more international audiences. This will open up more opportunities on both sides.