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Possible upcoming airdrops on Layer 2 Ecosystem

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Did you know that the most underrated rollup bridge right now is @Orbiter_Finance? Without them I will not be able to bridge funds on @optimismPBC, @arbitrum, @zksync . So here’s a thread on how to get exposed on L2 protocols.


Here’s a quick guide I’ve made few months ago after using Orbiter for the first time. All I can say that time is fast, easy, and cost efficient transactions. At the time of writing there were only 3 or 4 protocols integrated with them.

The team is very busy working under the radar and now Orbiter supports the following protocols:


So this is the most exciting part! Using Orbiter Finance is like hitting four birds in one stone. Orbiter has already confirmed that they will be issuing tokens. Aside from them you also have: Optimism Arbitrum zkSync That haven’t issued their tokens yet.
So for Optimism, here are the things I do/done in the ecosystem.

For Arbitrum, here’s what I’ve used until the present.

Moreover, you can now withdraw straight to Arbitrum on some CEXs

My favorite, zkSync. Here are protocols/Dapps that I currently use. I’ve funded Grants on @gitcoin via zkSync.

I’ve also started a Discord server that aggregates Layer 2 updates so I won’t miss alpha leaks. Feel free to join. #L222

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