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Kim Dotcom to Sell His ‘Built on Bitcoin’ Token on Bitfinex

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Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex recently announced that they are relaunching Tokinex as Bitfinex Token Sales. It is a platform for the issuance, development, and launch of digital assets. Bitfinex Token Sales platform will allow companies to launch, issue, and distribute digital assets.

Bitfinex also announced that they aim to launch the platform on Oct. 24, 11 am UTC. The same day of doing Kim Dotcom’s token sale. Kim Dotcom is the person behind MegaUpload who had more than 150 million registered users. is a content monetization platform that enables artists and content creators to sell their content in exchange with Bitcoin with no middlemen.

Kimcoin is the native token of the platform. it is integrated with Bitcoin’s lightning network and Liquid Network to allow for cheap, fast, and secure micro-payments. platform encrypts the content on the platform with the publisher’s key. Moreover, users will have an option if they want to encrypt their files in a centralized or decentralized way. Users will also have the capability to transact in a private manner.

Users of platform will also have the capability to report grounds of copyright infringement and malicious content.