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How to: Move $ETH from Arbitrum to zkSync

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Ethereum layer 1 gas fees are really painful at the present that’s because of the success of the Ethereum blockchain. We’ve seen an enormous growth in terms of people utilizing the blockchain. High gas fees shows just really shows Ethereum’s success. There are several layer 2 scaling protocols who have come to the rescue.

Here are the basic steps to move your funds from Arbitrum(Layer2 optimistic rollup solution built on Ethereum by Offchain Labs) to zkSync(a trustless protocol for scalable low-cost payments on Ethereum, powered by zkRollup technology).

Moving funds from Arbitrum to zkSync is pretty straight forward with the help of Orbiter Finance(a decentralized cross-rollup Layer2 bridge). Here are the basic steps on how to move funds from Arbitrum to zkSync using your Metamask wallet.

Step 1: Visit on your web browser. (Make sure that you have a Metamask extension enabled on your web browser)

Step 2: Select a chain. (For this instance, I’ve chosen Arbitrum as the sender and zkSync as the receiver)

Step 3: Enter the amount you’d wish to send to your zkSync wallet. (It will not ask for a recipient’s zkSync address as it will just send the $ETH from  your Arbitrum address to your zkSync address on your Metamask.)

It will then ask you to confirm the transaction. (There will also be a pop up message from Metamask asking you to sign the transaction)

Once confirmed – you’ll see this screen where it shows that the funds are being transferred from Arbitrum to your zkSync address.

Step 5: Make sure that you have received the transaction – you’ll need to switch your network from Arbitrum to zkSync.

Fast, low cost, and easy. That’s my take on moving funds from Arbitrum to zkSync using Orbiter Finance.

Meanwhile, only Arbitrum, zkSync, and Ethereum are the networks available at the time of writing. I am sure that there will be a few more networks that will be added like Optimism, Polygon Bridge, and StarkNet as the platform matures.

Lastly, It is nice to see platforms such as Orbiter Finance innovate and solve scaling issues for the Ethereum blockchain. Looking forward to the growth and innovation of the Layer2 ecosystem this year. #L222

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