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Crypto Square Roadshow in Manila

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October 26, 2019. Crypto Square Roadshow in Manila.

The event organized by BlockTides was held at Hilton Hotel Manila, after a successful event last October 23 in Davao.

Headed by Donald Lee, CEO and founder of Crypto Square, the event showcase new and exciting blockchain projects and also did announcements for new partnership.

Crypto Square is an organization established for the purpose of Incubation, Acceleration, Seed Investment and blockchain consulting by utilizing PAYX platform. They support cryptocurrency startups and projects and this event they presented the following projects:

Trigo Coin:

A travel application that made it easier for traveler in currency exchanging. With Trigo Coin, you don’t have to exchange the currency. TRIGO has the Mobile QR Cord. As soon as you download it from Appstore in your cellphone, you can use TRIGO Coin wherever you pay without money.

Ms. Stephanie Sul, CSO of TRIGO

The company has partnership with several travel companies in Asia and said to have an ongoing partnerships with some hotels here in the Philippines.


Jay Seo, CEO & Founder of PAYX

PAYX is a crypto-payment project adopting the advantages to protect customers right and to reduce the role as a mediator.

The project is build to create crypto-payment environment based on mutual confidence by Real-time Cryptocurrency Value Confirmation Process(RCVCP) to overcome the limitation of various raising capital projects aiming to use themselves as a payment method in our real economy.


Imagine: ” Your car number plate will be your wallet address”

RSC is using the technology to use plate number as your wallet address. RSC will have member gas stations that have specific POS systems linked so that it can scan the plate number and find if it integrated with the resource coin wallet.

From gas stations, RSC will expand to other mobility services including car purchases, insurance, vehicle maintaning services and more.

Mining Watch

By the word itself, Yes! A watch that allows you to ear points while doing your daily work out routines or even by simple walking.

You get point and these points can be converted to cryptocurrency. Made by Fossil, MiningWatch available for men and women.


The first company to produce EXVACOIN and a corporation being operated before establishing a foundation.
It is our goal for people to experience a new payment system through the blockchain.


The company aims to go beyond the fundamental limits of cryptocurrencies and exchanges by setting new standards based on behavioral economics and policy-based inflation system.


The Platform for providing more opportunities to youth sports. More transparent and objective data as a tool for better evaluation of youth athletes.

ISDA aims to bring data analysis-based total care solution to the youth and enthusiast level.


And the newest member of PAYX:

Winstantpay, a global network and online payment platform able to handle with any currency including commodities such as gold and cryptocurrency. It was created to provide payments in any currency, anytime, anywhere.

Herve Lacorne, CIO of WinstantPay

Highlight of the event: signing ceremony for the partnership of PAYX and WinstantPay.

The companies both agree to showcase each other in the global market.

Jay Seo (CEO of PAYX) and Herve Lacorne (CIO of WinstantPay)