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BlockDevs Asia Helping Blockchain Community Grow in the Philippines

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BlockDevs Asia founded in 2018, is a volunteer-driven organization that is committed to helping the blockchain community grow by organizing free blockchain-developer meetups.

On Sept. 28, the BlockDevs Asia organized an event that talked about Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and basics of building on IOST blockchain.

Amadeo Brands (Board Member of BlockDevs Asia) discussed the topic of Decentralized Finance. He was able to talk about DeFi platforms such as dydx, Compound, and MakerDAO. Moreover, Amadeo shared his excellent knowledge to the attendees on how does DAI tokens are produced from MakerDAO’s platform as well as a basic introduction to dydx and Compound platforms.

Amadeo Brands BlockDevs Asia
Amadeo Brands talking on BlockDevs Asia Event

On the other hand, Caspar Oostendorp Co-Founder at BlockDevs Asia talked about developing decentralized applications on IOST. He gave a brief background on how to build a decentralized gambling game using IOST Blockchain.

Caspar BlockDevs Asia
Caspar Oostendorp talking on BlockDevs Asia event

Aside from blockchain meetup events, they have also organized a quite successful hackathon April this year. The hackathon was backed Unionbank of the Philippines, which is one of the largest banks in the Philippines.

All in all the team has already organized a total of 19 events, 2 hackathons and 17 meetups since 2018.

“Organizing and engaging Blockchain Developers in South-East Asia through Networking, Education, Representation” – BlockDevs Asia