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Report: Wallet Seeking New $50M Funding Round

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Report: Wallet Seeking New $50M Funding Round

Cryptocurrency wallet and statistics resource Blockchain is reportedly raising $50 million in a new funding round.

Based on a report from Yahoo Finance, two unknown sources on Sept. 4, Blockchain is already negotiating the cash. It will be used on investment in equity and purchase unnamed cryptocurrency tokens.

A Fresh Expansion

Sam Harrison is the person in charge of proceedings. Harrison joined the company in 2018 and co-found its Blockchain Ventures spin-off.

Including a $125 million giveaway, which involving altcoin Stellar last November, and calls to implement SegWit for Bitcoin users. This would reduce the cost of sending a transaction from its wallet.

BaschCo, the Reddit user in charge of moderating the r/Bitcoin subreddit, publicly criticized Blockchain for failing to offer SegWit.

In August 2017, the technology activates, he argued that consumers had opened 31 million non-compatible wallers in the company.