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BitTorrent will Begin Alpha Testing on Blockchain-Based Streaming Platform

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BitTorrent will Begin Alpha Testing on Blockchain-Based Streaming Platform BLive Q3 2019 Tron internally

BitTorrent a subsidiary company of Tron will be internally testing its blockchain-based live streaming platform in Q3 2019.


BitTorrent announced on Aug. 27 that they will call the streaming platform BitTorrent Live (BLive). BLive will support live video content and instant messaging service. BLive also stated that their system contains a top user chart and a user relationship feature.

BitTorrent aims to launch BLive in alpha, beta and full versions not later than Q1 2020. The current alpha version invited a selected group of users for internal testing. They will be internally testing the platform as the developers continue to implement features.

Transactions and transfers features on BLive

BLive also supports different payment or withdrawal methods including Bitcoin, BTT, credit cards, and third-party payment systems like PayPal, Google Wallet, Android Pay, Apple Pay, WeChat, Alipay.

BLive will also support earning and gifting incentives. Users can earn BTT rewards by participating in technical maintenance, content creation, and event planning. Additionally, users will be able to buy gifts with BTT and send them to content creators. Then the creators can convert the gifts back into BTT.

Previous plans for BLive

BitTorrent announced March 2019 that they would launch an early beta program for BLive some time in Q2 2019. BLive has been around since 2012, although its software has changed a lot. BLive started as a content delivery protocol. The first version of BLive was canceled due to a failed fundraiser on April 2017.