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Binance Launches Binance X Platform

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Binance introduced its project called Binance X. Binance X aims to give blockchain developers all resources needed to drive solutions on Binance’s projects

Binance recently introduced its new developer-focused project, called Binance X.

Binance X was launched on August 29. It aims to give blockchain developers all the necessary resources they need to drive new solutions on Binance’s projects, as well as the whole blockchain ecosystem.

There are three categories under BinanceX that will help the developers/participants:


  • will provide official and eventually third-party resources to help the participants learn and reference relevant information.


  • will provide tools and channels where participants can engage, both online and in real life, with relevant Binance teams and other third-party developers.


  • will refer participants to different programs at Binance designed to help projects at different stages of maturity level up to the next phase of growth.

Moreover, BinanceX will introduce the developers to relevant internal programs that help projects progress at different stages of growth. The programs include Binance Labs Incubation, Binance Launchpad, company’s strategic investment arm, M&A, as well as Binance X Fellowship, a program with over 40 projects supported by major developers and researchers, including Hammad Tariq of GoBNB.

The new platform will allow the developers to create new solutions within Binance’s products like the Binance Chain, APIs, Trust Wallet SDKs, and Binance Charity donation platform.


Image from Binance Blog website.