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Binance Helped UK Authorities Fight Cybercrime and Keep Customers ‘SAFU’

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Binance Helped UK Authorities Fight Cybercrime and Keep Customers ‘SAFU’

Binance recently posted a blog by Samuel Lim on Thursday, Sept. 26 saying that they had worked with the Metropolitan Police Service U.K. Cyber Crime Unit to assist with their investigation on a Bulgarian suspect responsible for creating and selling phishing scripts who targeted users of over 53 different services.

The UK Metropolitan Police extradited the Bulgarian suspect to the UK. Moreover, he stood trial at Southwark Crown Court in London and after pleading guilty to five counts of fraud. The suspect was also sentenced nine years of imprisonment, reported on the blog.

The other criminals obtained the personal information of users of the services with the help of the scripts. That the criminals sold on the dark web, according to the blog.

Lim also said roughly half a million people were targeted the majority by email, with the criminals stealing about £41.6 million (GBP) from the victims.

The blog post did not mention any names but a report came out on Sept. 20 naming the suspect as Svetoslav Donchev, 37, from the city of Pleven.

Samuel Lim (Chief Compliance Officer, Binance) said on the exchange’s involvement in the investigation,

“We also recognize that cooperation with law enforcement entities around the world plays a large part in fostering a safe environment in this space.”