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We believe that the industry is coming to a full circle, where clients will be demanding more integration among its agencies. Instead of just being one of the specialist agencies, we took the quantum leap to become the one full-service agency that can address all of the clients’ needs under one roof.

We abolished all the silos.

Each brand team includes people from various disciplines, who are involved from the day the client briefs the agency. Each team is composed of specialists in account management, 360 strategic planning, media planning and buying, digital, social media, data analytics, creative buzz and creative build.

We changed the systems together.

We’ve adopted the Meaningful Connections Planning Process to develop integrated meaningful solutions for our clients. Our solutions are media and platform agnostic. This approach focuses on giving the clients the real solutions, without any bias for any discipline.

This integrated approach requires that all staff become familiar with all the disciplines and services. We invest in international, domestic and in-house training.

Coinjournal.Co has been unofficially the industry benchmark of a fully-integrated agency.